“We restate our determination, and call on Corbyn’s leadership to make a clear commitment”

The Free Our Unions campaign began with the statement passed by the 2018 AGM of Lambeth local government Unison. At their February 2019 AGM Lambeth Unison reaffirmed their support for the campaign.

Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles

Published 3rd April 2019 Despite some important developments in workplace struggle, and despite the political framework of the growth of the Labour Left, strikes are at a historic low and trade unions face a historic crisis. Professor Gregor Gall, an affiliated research associate at the University of Glasgow and Visiting Professor at the University ofContinue reading “Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles”

“Our unions must free themselves from their chains” – speech by Justine Canady

Published 25th January 2018 On 23 January Bakers’ Union member Justine Canady led a workshop at a Fire Brigades Union training event for new reps on fighting the anti-trade union laws. This is what she said in her speech.

Firefighters support Free Our Unions campaign

Published 23rd January 2019 Eastern region FBU have voted to back the Free Our Unions statement. Firefighter and FBU regional secretary Riccardo La Torre said: In an industry that has faced over a decade of austerity and cuts, firefighters and fire control staff understand all to well the shackles that the anti-union laws place on us,Continue reading “Firefighters support Free Our Unions campaign”

Green Party backs call to free our unions

Published 7th December 2018 The Green Party has sent us the following statement: We seek a strong legal charter of workers rights because workers need an effective right to strike. We concur with the Labour Party 2017 conference demand to repeal the 2016 Trade Union Act and the anti-union laws introduced under Conservative Governments inContinue reading “Green Party backs call to free our unions”