Pushing workers’ rights up the agenda: Labour Left Internationalists meeting, 5pm, 19 February

UCU activist Rhian Keyse will be speaking on behalf of Free Our Unions at a meeting on 19 February, organised by Labour Left Internationalists (LLI). LLI write: Unite, RMT, CWU, and the TUC passed resolutions in 2021 calling for a joint union demonstration for workers’ and union rights in spring 2022. Since then NHS workers,Continue reading “Pushing workers’ rights up the agenda: Labour Left Internationalists meeting, 5pm, 19 February”

Solidarity with striking Actavo scaffs – protest on 22 February

Unite activists write: This dispute, which began in 2019, is a result of the scaffolders not being paid in line with the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI). The rates for the workforce are currently 10-15 per cent (depending on specific roles) below NAECI rates. The 62 workers have been on continuous strike actionContinue reading “Solidarity with striking Actavo scaffs – protest on 22 February”

GOSH bosses uses courts to break strike – protest at the Royal Courts of Justice!

Bosses at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London have used the courts to block effective picketing by striking security guards, who now face criminal charges if they attempt anything beyond the most tame, ineffectual activity within 200 metres of their workplace. The injunction is another example of how the laws and judiciary are a toolContinue reading “GOSH bosses uses courts to break strike – protest at the Royal Courts of Justice!”

Tories want to tax unions to pay for the Certification Officer

This article is reposted from the website of the Institute for Employment Rights, where it was first published on 28 January. This week, legislation was passed in the House of Commons which not only imposes a levy on trade unions to cover the costs of the Certification Officer but could hit trade unions with huge financial penalties.Continue reading “Tories want to tax unions to pay for the Certification Officer”

Discussing UK anti-strike laws on Australian community radio

Daniel Randall, a co-organiser of our campaign, was recently invited onto “Stick Together”, a labour-movement-based show on Australian community radio station 3CR, to discuss class struggle on London Underground, and the role of public transport in confronting climate change. The conversation also covered the UK’s anti-strike laws. You can listen to the show on theContinue reading “Discussing UK anti-strike laws on Australian community radio”

Anti-union laws slow down NHS pay fight

A Free Our Unions supporter working in the NHS writes… Another year, another pay cut. NHS staff have suffered 10 years of pay cuts and lost about 15% off the value of our pay. We’ve now got over 100,000 vacancies and record high demand. The 3% “rise” this year is a pay cut when adjustedContinue reading “Anti-union laws slow down NHS pay fight”

Public (Zoom) meeting, 7pm, Thursday 9 December: How postal workers maintained a tradition of unofficial action

7pm, Thursday 9 DecemberLog in via Zoom here The UK’s restrictive anti-strike legislation, which requires unions to ballot members individually, by post, and to give significant notice periods to employers prior to ballots and prior to any action, is consciously designed to render strikes less effective and impactful. Workers in the postal service have retainedContinue reading “Public (Zoom) meeting, 7pm, Thursday 9 December: How postal workers maintained a tradition of unofficial action”

UCU versus the anti-union laws

By a Cambridge UCU member The University and College Union (UCU) last week announced the results of two national ballots. Higher Education (HE) sector members were balloted on two disputes: the long-running “USS” pensions issue, and on the “Four Fights”: pay, workload, casualisation, and inequality. Pensions in HE have been systematically attacked over the pastContinue reading “UCU versus the anti-union laws”

Empower the Unions leaflet for use on climate protests

In advance of mobilisations across the UK this Saturday to demand radical climate action, we’ve turned our recent joint statement with Earth Strike: Empower the Unions into an A5 leaflet for distribution at protests. Please feel free to print off some copies for actions in your local area!

For a national demo against anti-union laws!

In recent months, three major labour movement bodies – the TUC Congress, Unite’s policy conference, and the RMT AGM – have passed policies calling for a protests, including a national demonstration, against existing and proposed anti-union and anti-strike laws. RMT’s policy resolved: • To call a national demonstration to resist the law.• To approach otherContinue reading “For a national demo against anti-union laws!”