Free Our Unions video: now with added Bragg!

We’ve uploaded a new version of our recent video, produced by supporter and RMT activist Janine Booth, with a new soundtrack: Billy Bragg’s ‘There Is Power In A Union’, used with permission from the man himself! Thanks for the music, Billy. Please share the video widely!

Free Our Unions online forum, 24 June, 6:30pm

Workers’ action in the pandemic: organising against and around the anti-union laws An online forum organised by Free Our Unions Wednesday 24 June, 18:30-20:30. Log in via Zoom here. Facebook event here. Britain’s anti-union legislation exists to prevent workers taking swift and effective action. Workers’ action during the pandemic has either simply ignored that legislation, orContinue reading “Free Our Unions online forum, 24 June, 6:30pm”

Refusing unsafe work, industrial action, and the law: a briefing for workplace activists

This is a briefing for workplace activists on the differences between refusing unsafe work, as defined under health and safety legislation, and “industrial action”, under the terms of existing legislation including the anti-union legislation Free Our Unions fights to abolish. In legal terms, “refusing unsafe work” and “industrial action” are not the same thing! TheContinue reading “Refusing unsafe work, industrial action, and the law: a briefing for workplace activists”

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Thanks to Janine Booth, railway worker, RMT activist, and supporter of our campaign, for this new video in support of Free Our Unions. Please share widely! Image credits:cromaconceptovisual (coronavirus and health workers), Clker-Free-Vector-Images (shackled hands and la lutta), OpenClipart-Vectors (strike triangle and voting) – all on PixabayRwendland / CC BY-SA ( (Labour Party conference)

RMT President Sean Hoyle on why you should buy our union rights pamphlet

By Sean Hoyle, (at the time of writing) RMT National President. Published on 26th September 2018. My union and others have learned through years of experience that the most effective way to win for our members is to take strong industrial action. We have also learned that the anti-union laws are designed to stop usContinue reading “RMT President Sean Hoyle on why you should buy our union rights pamphlet”

Six arguments against abolishing all the anti-union laws – Six replies

If we build a strong campaign to repeal the anti-trade union laws, in line with the policy passed unanimously at Labour Party conference last year (and policy passed in 2015 and 2005), we will face all kinds of objections from the press, the Tories, etc, backed up by outrage designed to intimidate people and prevent rational discussion. The danger isContinue reading “Six arguments against abolishing all the anti-union laws – Six replies”