The fight against climate catastrophe needs free trade unions

This article, by Daniel Randall, was originally published by Workers’ Liberty on 5th July 2019. Find it here. The call for a general strike against climate change, now gaining traction across much of the climate movement and taken up by prominent figures such as Greta Thurnberg, has a meaningful latent power. School climate strikers are callingContinue reading “The fight against climate catastrophe needs free trade unions”

“Our unions must free themselves from their chains” – speech by Justine Canady

Published 25th January 2018 On 23 January Bakers’ Union member Justine Canady led a workshop at a Fire Brigades Union training event for new reps on fighting the anti-trade union laws. This is what she said in her speech.

Matt Wrack and Shen Batmaz on why Labour must repeal all anti-union laws

Two leading labour movement activists, FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack and McStrike organiser Shen Batmaz, spoke to Free Our Unions about why the demand to repeal the anti-union laws is so important.