Unite to resist anti-union laws

Free Our Unions activists are looking forward to participating in the conference held on 3 February by the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom and Institute for Employment Rights. We encourage all supporters of our campaign to attend the conference if they can.

For a united front to resist anti-union laws

The Free Our Unions campaign has written to other campaign groups active on similar issues to propose joint activity to resist the threat of new anti-strike laws. The following letter was sent to the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom, the Institute for Employment Rights, the National Shop Stewards Network, and Unite the Resistance.

For too long, trade unions have been held back: we must set them free

This article, by Free Our Unions supporter and FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack, was first published in Morning Star on 1st August 2019. Find it here. The labour movement today faces opportunities we have not had for decades. There is the possibility of a radical Labour government within just months. Now is the time toContinue reading “For too long, trade unions have been held back: we must set them free”

Yes, we want a bonfire of the anti-union laws!

Published 27th July 2019. By Riccardo la Torre (FBU) and Becky Crocker (RMT) The 26 July edition of the Morning Star (newspaper of the Communist Party of Britain) contained a full-page article attacking the Free Our Unions campaign, by Unite activist Andy Green.