Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for

Published 23rd November 2019. In the general election, Free Our Unions is working to kick out the Tories and win a government led by Jeremy Corbyn. In the words of a Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack, a Labour government can “deliver a shift in power away from wealthy elites and towards workers. The ToriesContinue reading “Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for”

“We restate our determination, and call on Corbyn’s leadership to make a clear commitment”

The Free Our Unions campaign began with the statement passed by the 2018 AGM of Lambeth local government Unison. At their February 2019 AGM Lambeth Unison reaffirmed their support for the campaign.

Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles

Published 3rd April 2019 Despite some important developments in workplace struggle, and despite the political framework of the growth of the Labour Left, strikes are at a historic low and trade unions face a historic crisis. Professor Gregor Gall, an affiliated research associate at the University of Glasgow and Visiting Professor at the University ofContinue reading “Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles”

Women’s strike shakes Glasgow, male workers take solidarity action

Published on 23rd October 2018. At this stage, The Clarion can’t report anything much about the Glasgow “women’s strike” by thousands of home care, cleaning and catering workers that you won’t get from the GMB and from the bourgeois press. We do however want to note the strike and express our solidarity. We hope to find opportunities for practical supportContinue reading “Women’s strike shakes Glasgow, male workers take solidarity action”

The anti-union laws: acid test for a Corbyn government

“[Since 1980, trade unions have been] regulated, harried, battered, fined and sequestrated, step by step by step, in Act after Act in pursuit of aim of decollectivising the workplace.” – Labour peer Bill Wedderburn on the last of nine Tory anti-union Acts, 1993

If Jeremy Corbyn wants a mass movement, he must radically revive the unions

By Michael Chessum, orginally published in The New Statesman, 5th January 2018 The world, especially the political world, is a volatile place these days, and one ought to be wary of omens. But when McDonalds announced this week that it would award its employees their biggest pay rise in a decade, you could be forgiven for havingContinue reading “If Jeremy Corbyn wants a mass movement, he must radically revive the unions”