For a national demo against anti-union laws!

In recent months, three major labour movement bodies – the TUC Congress, Unite’s policy conference, and the RMT AGM – have passed policies calling for a protests, including a national demonstration, against existing and proposed anti-union and anti-strike laws. RMT’s policy resolved: • To call a national demonstration to resist the law.• To approach otherContinue reading “For a national demo against anti-union laws!”

Matt Wrack: “We demand the unshackling of our unions”

We reproduce below the speech given by Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), at the recent TUC Congress in support of the composite on defending the right to protest. The composite was passed, reaffirming TUC policy to demand the abolition of all legal restrictions on the right to organise and strike.Continue reading “Matt Wrack: “We demand the unshackling of our unions””

TUC Congress reaffirms policy to “repeal all anti-trade union laws”

TUC Congress, which was held online again this year from 12-14 September, has passed a composite motion which “resolves to campaign for the repeal of all anti-trade union laws and for the positive legal rights for workers to take action”. The motion was proposed by Unite and seconded by the Fire Brigades Union. The text quoted was submittedContinue reading “TUC Congress reaffirms policy to “repeal all anti-trade union laws””

“Workers need the right to strike for climate justice”

Pubblished 9th September 2019. This is a joint statement between the UK Student Climate Network and the Free Our Unions campaign. If your organisation would like to support the statement, get in touch: email AND

Disabled workers and the anti-union laws

Published 3rd June 2019. At the recent TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, civil service union PCS submitted a motion about electronic balloting for industrial disputes, with the RMT adding text, calling for campaigning to repeal all anti-trade union laws. Janine Booth, who was a member of the RMT delegation, explains why this is crucial for theContinue reading “Disabled workers and the anti-union laws”

John McDonnell’s TUC speech and the right to strike

Published on 11th September 2018 John McDonnell’s speech to the TUC on workers’ rights comes in the context of new figures showing falling unemployment and rising real earnings. But higher employment does not automatically mean better conditions and rights for workers; and the marginal increase in real wages comes after a decade of the most severe fallContinue reading “John McDonnell’s TUC speech and the right to strike”