Covid-19 crisis: Protect the right to strike!

Already in the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen examples of workers taking industrial action, often to improve workplace safety. Outsourced cleaners, caterers, and porters at Lewisham Hospital walked out to demand the payment unpaid wages. Workers in Lambeth libraries took action to demand the closure of their workplaces. Postal workers in Bridgend struck, after bosses refuseContinue reading “Covid-19 crisis: Protect the right to strike!”

How the Free Our Unions campaign has developed

Published 30th June 2019 In June the RMT became the third national union to back the Free Our Unions campaign, after the FBU and IWGB. Free Our Unions is a campaign The Clarion has been central to developing. This article explains what it is, how it has developed and what it has done so far.

UNISON national conference 2019: ‘Free Our Unions’ motion

Published June 2019. The following motion was passed at the national conference of public sector union Unison in June 2019, after being submitted by the Free Our Union campaign‘s founder-branch, Lambeth Unison. A similar motion was also submitted by Newcastle City Unison.

“We restate our determination, and call on Corbyn’s leadership to make a clear commitment”

The Free Our Unions campaign began with the statement passed by the 2018 AGM of Lambeth local government Unison. At their February 2019 AGM Lambeth Unison reaffirmed their support for the campaign.

Angela Rayner was right about the anti-union laws

In September 2014, Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner (then a UNISON official, not yet an MP) spoke at a Manchester Trades Council public meeting about the need to repeal the anti-trade union laws introduced by the Tories in the 1980s and 90s. She wrote a summary of her speech for Unison North West, expressing the case brieflyContinue reading “Angela Rayner was right about the anti-union laws”

Women’s strike shakes Glasgow, male workers take solidarity action

Published on 23rd October 2018. At this stage, The Clarion can’t report anything much about the Glasgow “women’s strike” by thousands of home care, cleaning and catering workers that you won’t get from the GMB and from the bourgeois press. We do however want to note the strike and express our solidarity. We hope to find opportunities for practical supportContinue reading “Women’s strike shakes Glasgow, male workers take solidarity action”