As Tories reassert anti-strike law threat, unions must resist

In response to the RMT’s national ballot of workers in Network Rail and 15 mainline Train Operating Companies, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said the government will accelerate plans for new laws to restrict transport workers’ strikes. The plan is not new: the Tories’ 2019 manifesto included a commitment to implement the laws, which wouldContinue reading “As Tories reassert anti-strike law threat, unions must resist”

Welwyn walkout shows how workers can win

By a Free Our Unions supporter On 10 May, refuse workers in the Hertfordshire town of Welwyn Hatfield launched an unofficial strike to deal with a manager they said was sexist, racist, and bullying. A hundred refuse, recycling, and maintenance workers employed by commercial waste contractor Urbaser, members of Unite, refused to work and madeContinue reading “Welwyn walkout shows how workers can win”

Solidarity with striking Actavo scaffs – protest on 22 February

Unite activists write: This dispute, which began in 2019, is a result of the scaffolders not being paid in line with the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI). The rates for the workforce are currently 10-15 per cent (depending on specific roles) below NAECI rates. The 62 workers have been on continuous strike actionContinue reading “Solidarity with striking Actavo scaffs – protest on 22 February”

For a national demo against anti-union laws!

In recent months, three major labour movement bodies – the TUC Congress, Unite’s policy conference, and the RMT AGM – have passed policies calling for a protests, including a national demonstration, against existing and proposed anti-union and anti-strike laws. RMT’s policy resolved: • To call a national demonstration to resist the law.• To approach otherContinue reading “For a national demo against anti-union laws!”

Unite reaffirms opposition to all anti-union laws

Unite’s policy conference passed a comprehensive composite on the anti-union laws, committing the union to organising a demonstration and conference against the laws, and breaking the laws where necessary. We reproduce the motion in full below. Unite has previously taken a similarly strong stance against anti-union laws; earlier this year, Free Our Unions supporters inContinue reading “Unite reaffirms opposition to all anti-union laws”

What Unite’s climate change policy says about the anti-union laws

On 18 October, the national policy conference of the Unite union passed a comprehensive motion on climate change. We reproduce the motion in full below, but highlight in particular its sections on anti-strike laws. The motion commits Unite to producing “guidance on what climate-related demands to include in collective bargaining, including ones which could beContinue reading “What Unite’s climate change policy says about the anti-union laws”

Mobilise Unite against the anti-union laws!

By Free Our Unions supporters in Unite We publish this article in a spirit of a debate and discussion. We welcome responses from other activists. During Unite’s recent general secretary election, Free Our Unions supporters in the union campaigned to raise the issue of the anti-union laws and the right to strike – primarily throughContinue reading “Mobilise Unite against the anti-union laws!”

Support the Bexley refuse workers – rally at Bexley Civic Offices, 21 July, 6pm!

Picture taken from the Justice for Refuse Workers and Cleansers Facebook pageUnite reports “heavy handed policing” of the strike by refuse workers in Bexley, South East London, over the living wage, pay progression and back pay. Unite’s Ruth Hydon says: “We want to be very clear to the police that their heavy-handed approach to aContinue reading “Support the Bexley refuse workers – rally at Bexley Civic Offices, 21 July, 6pm!”